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Robert Hellmann leverages his corporate management background plus years of experience coaching clients, leading seminars, and delivering training to get results for individuals and organizations in the shortest possible time.  Services include:

Career coaching (certified by the Five O'Clock Club as a "Master" coach) for
   Career Change, the Job Search, and On-the-job Success

"Presentations & Pitch" Training and Executive Coaching for
   Corporations, Institutes of Higher Education, Associations, & Non-Profits

Rob's insights and commentary appear regularly in major media outlets.

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To learn more about how HCC can help you or your organization, email rob@hellmannconsulting.com or call 917-825-9595.

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When They Say You are “Overqualified”…

What do you do if a hiring manager says you are “overqualified” for a position? First, you need to know that what they really mean is a) you’re going to want too much money, b) you’re going to be bored and will leave in six months, or c) you won’t fit into the culture. All three of these underlying issues can be addressed with these two approaches: Read more …

Giving a Presentation? 7 Ways to Address their #1 Question

I once went to a seminar where the presenter was sharing some leadership development ideas with the audience. At the end of the presentation, we were all left with the same question— What do we do with this information? In fact, someone asked this very question (“what is our next step…”), and the presenter’s response was “That’s a good question, I’m not sure.” BIG mistake, and it was the key reason his presentation was a fail.

The number one question any audience member has is “how does this help me?” For your presentation to have any chance of achieving greatness (or even goodness), you must answer this question. Read more …

Land Your Next Job with LinkedIn’s Volunteer Marketplace

LinkedIn now makes it easier to find volunteer opportunities. Gain access by going to http://volunteer.linkedin.com or by clicking on the “Jobs” menu option, selecting “Advanced Search,” “More Options,” and then entering “volunteer” in the job title. LinkedIn has partnered with some major volunteer matching sites to make this happen. Here’s why this feature is so great. Read more …

3 Tips for Delivering a Powerful Presentation

We all know that how you present your work, your “case,” or yourself can make or break a performance review, a sale, or an interview. Below, I’ve shared three items from my presentation skills webinar that might instantly be of use.

PowerPoint Slides: Don’t Compete!
When using PowerPoint slides to support a presentation, make sure the slide content doesn’t compete with what you are saying. Read more …

How to Find & Use Keywords for Your Job Search

Keywords in your resume, LinkedIn profile, emails and ‘pitch’ help to communicate your value. To job prospects, your use of the right keywords tells them you are an “insider” (everyone wants to hire insiders) and that you understand the problems they face. Organizations use keyword filters for candidate searches, so your use of strategically placed keywords will improve your likelihood of being spotted.

When someone is searching on LinkedIn for a candidate with your skills (increasingly LinkedIn is the first stop for candidate searches), keywords in certain parts of your profile  matter more than others. Read more …

Presentations: 6 Ways to Hook Your Audience

When you are giving a presentation, look to actively engage your audience right from the start. Don’t assume they are paying attention; they may be thinking about their last meeting or the next one! So go beyond the dry and conventional; Capture their imagination, make them part of the show. Use any of these six approaches to hook your audience, so you can then reel them in with a memorable, powerful presentation. Read more …

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